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Sep 12 2007

The first days of school… as explained to my sister.

An email I wrote to my little sister who’s just starting 9th grade. It seems like a good, short summary of my first week of school… and short is all I have time for… as you can see from the lack of anything in this blog.

Hi dear sister!

How are you doing? How has your first week and a bit more of high school been? My first week of middle school has been fun but a lot of work. There are so many new things to learn about how to be a teacher and how a school works. There are lots of great teachers who are more than happy to help me out since I’m new.

Some of them are only helpful to me though and when they have to interact with each other everything blows up and they get mad. Dad told me about this, but I was still surprised. It seems like adults who teach should learn how to work with each other so that they can do the most good for the students…. I guess they are still working on getting along all the time and being flexible.

I’m mainly working with 7th grade math students in their general eduction classes and they are working with adding positive and negative integers this week and next. Do you know what an integer is? Do you know how to do these problems 5+(-10)= and 15-20= ? That is the kind of thing my students are working on. Some of them understand it and some of them do not… it is very hard to explain.

I miss you all, but love my students and new apartment here. I love and hate school all at the same time… but mainly I love it. Hope you have a good rest of the week and weekend. I have no school tomorrow because it is some Jewish holiday so I get an extra day to plan and organize… it will be VERY useful!!

your sister

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