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Mar 13 2008

A Glimmer of Enthusiasm

For some reason I happened to find myself on the TeachFor.Us website tonight. I noticed a number of new blogs being started by people who are just now joining the corps and are full of the same excitement and enthusiasm I had about 365 days ago…

Wow so much has changed since then. But I am starting to get back to feeling excited and enthusiastic about teaching again. Yes, I said again. I can say for sure that during most of the fall and winter excitement and enthusiasm were not words I could use in reference to anything but sleeping, going to see Wicked, and going to Disneyland. The only words in my vocabulary then were frustration, annoyance, chaos, confusion, tiredness, and franticness. All those words are still around and very much part of my daily life… but now there are little glimmers of excitement and enthusiasm that shine through a few times each day.

In only the last few weeks I have started to see progress in a few of my students. One girl came to me and said she was worried about her English homework and would I please come help her talk to her English teacher! Another boy is actually begging to explain the solution when we play Jeopardy on Friday! I still feel under-qualified for the job… I actually feel more under-qualified than when I started but I am learning slowly and next year should be so much better as a result.

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